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    Flite Test Battle Buddies – Combo Pack WR

    Flite Test Battle Buddies – Combo Pack WR

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    Epic dogfights

    The Bloody Baron

    The Bloody Baron is a 4 channel fighter/sport airplane. The Baron can also be used as a 4 channel trainer. With powerful RC components the Baron cuts through the air and performs the main aerobatic maneuvers with ease.
    The FT Bloody Baron model is the first community publication. Z´The FT fan Dan Sponholz was excited from the FT Bloody Wonder, he revised the model in many points and took the Fokker DR.1 of the famous Red Barron as inspiration for the design.

    The Bloody Wonder

    The Flite Test Bloody Wonder model is a simple 3 channel model which is controlled through elevator and rudder (bank and yank). Beginners can simply install a small motor and they can experience a good controllable speed while having fun in doing exciting flight maneuvers. Experienced pilots can install a bigger motor so that they can fly killer speed, almost so fast as a missile.

    The kit

    The Flite Test Bloody Baron and the Flite Test Bloody Wonder are part of the Swappable Series. It means that the RC core can be exchanged quickly and easily. Build your self many different setups for the same model or use the same setup for different models.
    The Baron and the Wonder are made of laser-cut, waterproof FT Foam Board. This special foam material is covered with coated paper. So that you can paint and customize every model according to your preferences. The FT Bloody Baron weight is, without RC components, only 303 grams and it has a wingspan of 737 mm. The FT Bloody Wonder has a weight of 326 grams without RC components and a wingspan of 711 mm.

    Challenge your friends and perform epic dogfights. Create your very own setup and your individual design. The Battle pack gives you a very lot of action and fun.

    Product characteristics

    One kit – two airplanes
    Kit made of solid, water-resistant FT WR Foam Board
    Swappable Series
    Exciting flight characteristics

    Included in the package

    Laser-cut FT Foam Board frame
    Swappable RC core
    Many small parts

    Brand: Flite Test
    Version: Construction Kit
    Assembly needed?: ja


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